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Fairness Works!

The Workplace Fairness Institute invites you to explore the range of services that we provide to make your workplace more successful through fair practices.

The Workplace Fairness Institute provides people and organizations with fair, effective and sustainable solutions for preventing, resolving and managing workplace conflicts.

Based in Toronto, Canada, we are leading experts on workplace conflict management and offer media commentary, public addresses, research and analysis on contemporary workplace issues internationally.

Our CORE VALUE: By applying the Core Value of Workplace Fairness, organizations are encouraged to practice Communication, Collaboration and Proactivity to their business processes to produce a desirable organizational culture that will enhance shareholder and stakeholder value.

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WFI in conjunction with York University, DCE .

This course has HRPA credits.


The top-down management of conflict in the workplace can be frustrating for everyone. Typically, conflict is addressed after things have gotten out of hand and the conflict is entrenched in the workplace. Your best employees have left and those embattled have dug in. Unresolved disputes weigh down your workplace’s productivity and the cost of conflict mounts. Individuals suffer but the biggest loser is the workplace itself.

The solution is to deal with workplace conflict before it escalates. Everyone in the workplace can be agents of conflict resolution with the right tool kit. This course, offered to individuals and to groups, is a guide to more efficiency in the workplace because conflict takes time but unresolved conflict takes more.

In the workplace, the broadest range of conflicts arises. There are daily interpersonal conflicts; important issues of workplace regulation, efficiency, productivity and safety; and issues of human rights. In this course, participants will explore the maze of statutes, rules, laws and conventions that offer conflict management options. Students will analyze the different models of dispute resolution and practice using various models and innovative methods to solve different kinds of problems.   course description >>

This course fulfils the DCE elective requirement forYork University's Certificate in Dispute Resolution. Taken independently, students will receive a Certificate of Completion in Workplace Conflict Management from York University. In conjunction with the Workplace Fairness Institute (WFI), this course will pre-qualify students to take the WFI certification seminar to become a Workplace Fairness Analyst. Students who enroll in the WFA Certification training will receive a $100 discount on the cost of the course (including materials). To learn more about our Special Group Rates, Customized Training, In-house Classes, please contact us at 416-736-5616.

CERTIFICATE: Students receive a certificate from York/WFI.
PLACE: Atkinson Bldg, 4700 Keele St. East, York University. Groups may negotiate in-house classes.
TIME: 9 - 5 pm.
DATE: Summer 2014.
COST: $1390.00 + taxes. For group rates: 416-736-5616.
NOTE: To become a certified Workplace Fairness Analyst (WFA), there is an additional one-day class, discounted.
CONTACT: or 1-855-900-YORK

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One student writes: "Blaine takes the topics and concepts to a much higher level where we find stimulation and an incredibly valuable learning experience. As a HR/IR practitioner, Blaine added tremendous value to my knowledge and skills."


"Become a Certified Workplace Fairness Analyst",

1 day Seminar this fall.

Toronto, Canada.

The Workplace Fairness Institute is holding a one day training session for qualified professionals to become Workplace Fairness Analysts.   course outline >>

PLACE: ADRIO, 234 Eglinton Ave East, Ste 405, Toronto, Ontario.
TIME: 8:30 a.m. arrival, 9 a.m. start to 4:30 pm EST.
DATE: Fall, 2014.
COST: $400 + $128 + taxes per person [$128 is the one-time cost of books: Workplaces That Work ($98) and WFI White Paper ($30)]. Shipping is additional.
NOTE: To become a certified Workplace Fairness Analyst (WFA), there is additional fee of $200+ tax.
CONTACT 416-720-1229 or donais[at]

Workplace Fairness Institute


The Workplace Fairness Institute provides people and organizations with fair, effective and sustainable solutions for preventing, resolving and managing workplace conflicts.

Based in Toronto, Canada, we are leading experts on workplace conflict management and offer media commentary, public addresses, research and analysis on contemporary workplace issues internationally.

Our resources, like the wfiJOURNAL, Workplaces That Work and Engaging Unionized Employees: Employee Morale and Productivity, advance understanding of how conflict operates in the workplace so that it can be better managed.

Our services help workplaces confront their challenges so that they can improve productivity and engagement. Through our expert analysts, we offer the following:

  • Team Consulting
  • Workplace Conflict Audits
  • Workplace Mediation Services
  • Union-Management Partnership Facilitation
  • Union Mediation Services
  • Collective Bargaining Facilitation
  • Workplace Human Rights/Harassment Investigations
  • Unionized Employee Engagement Consulting
  • Conflict Management Training

What Is Workplace Fairness?

Workplace Fairness is defined as the harmony of Justice, Efficiency, Engagement and Resource Sufficiency in Workplace Conflict Management Systems. Each of these four Fairness Quotients: Justice, Efficiency, Engagement, and Resources consist of a number of elements or focuses as listed in the table below. These are the constituent parts of workplace fairness.

Workplace Fairness is that commodity most sought after by employees, managers and employers. Where a workplace meets the standards of fairness listed above, it will be a healthier, happier and more productive workplace.

Donais Fairness Theory

According to the Donais Fairness Theory, Fairness Excellence can be measured and achieved in any workplace. If your accountant can measure and predict the company's financial forecast, why not use experience and informed decision-making to assess the fairness of your company's conflict management system? We offer tools to understand and effectively modify your workplace fairness system.

The Cost and Value of Workplace Conflict

Workplace Conflict can be both positive and negative for an organization.

The Cost

Workplace conflict, improperly managed, can have a tremendous cost on the health of any workplace. These costs include:

Expense of formal dispute resolution.
  • Decreased individual competence
  • Ineffective working relationships.
  • Toxic communication
  • Impaired staff and team development.
  • Increased absenteeism
  • Increased resignations and dismissals
  • Emotionally charged workplaces.
  • Tarnished image
  • Decreased productivity.
  • Breakdown in trust of hierarchy.

Many of these factors have an effect on the bottom line of a company's performance. Conflict wastes the time of managers, human resources professionals, labour representatives and employees themselves. It effects the quality of decisions that are made because people in conflict are less likely to share vital information and more likely to get into power struggles. Poorly managed conflict can result in the loss of valuable employees and the expense of hiring and retraining new ones. It can lead to costly restructuring and even sabotage, theft and property damage. In addition, poorly managed conflict effects the health of workplace participants causing increased stress levels, and increased usage of sick leave and disability claims. In the end, conflict can lead to compromised job satisfaction, poor motivation and lack of engagement among employees, and thus low human performance.

The Value

While conflict can come at great cost to any workplace, it can also have tremendous benefits when managed properly. Conflict can be used as a catalyst for healthy competition in workplaces that rely upon competition to promote excellence. Conflict can bring underlying workplace issues into the open so that they can be resolved. Conflict can promote a better understanding of differences. When brought to the surface it can dissipate anger and raise awareness of other peoples' needs. It can also be used as a way of placing focus upon common goals. It can be lead to increased team spirit. Properly managed conflict fosters healthy dialogue and can motivate people to raise issues and discuss new ideas. Conflict challenges existing inadequacies in the workplace and can lead to a reassessment of workplace structures. Thus while poorly managed conflict is destructive, properly managed conflict can lead to workplace renewal.

At the Workplace Fairness Institute we are dedicated to helping your workplace minimize negative conflict and channel positive conflict into productive avenues for workplace excellence.

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You also receive a Companion CD-ROM with your purchase.

The CD-ROM is an interactive tool that helps you put the theory into practice.

Published through Canada Law Book.


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